Bobby Garland Slab Dockt'R makes house calls where crappie live

The new Bobby Garland 2.5 Slab Dockt'R is designed especially for the technique called dock shooting, but there's no doubt its shape and action apply to all crappie fishing styles.

Dock shooting is a process in which the lure is held in the hand and used to pull the rod back, much like pulling the string on a bow, before releasing the bait near the water's surface so it skips under docks or other low-hanging obstacles to reach hard to cast to spots where fish take advantage of the cover.

The Slab Dockt'R has a bulked-up body to provide the mass that anglers prefer for skipping baits so they can be "shot" up under docks. The Slab Dockt’Rs back measures nearly one-half inch, a width that is almost twice that of the company's highly popular Baby Shad crappie lure.

From its broad shoulders, the sides roll under to form an almost boat-like hull at the bottom. The hull shape keeps the bait running true during free fall and at all retrieve speeds. That means the Slab Dockt'R is also a good trolling bait and for jig fishing.

Extending from the bait's body are twin tails with small pads on the tips. The long thin legs in combination with the pads deliver a tight swimming action that vibrates the entire bait on the fall and during the retrieve. It's an action that occurs naturally by the lure's design, giving dock shooters another advantage.

The Slab Dockt'R is available in 11 colors and comes packaged 12 baits per re-sealable bag.