Crappie anglers benefit from manufacturer’s fun with colors and names

There’s probably no other soft plastic company in the business that has as much fun with crappie colors and names than does Bobby Garland Crappie Baits.

Some names provide a vivid image of what’s in store, such as Vegas for example. There should be little doubt that this color is bright with lots of shiny glitter in it.

However, other names, Monkey Milk, to cite one, leave little clue at all as to what’s in their color schemes.

Well, the Bobby Garland gang has been at it again, adding several new colors and names to its highly popular lineup of crappie baits, including the Baby Shad, Slab Slay'R, Minnow Mind’R, Stroll'R, Scent Wiggl'R and Swimming Minnows. Here are a few of the names just to see if you can envision what they look like.

Unique to the 2” Baby Shad are Halo and Shimmer Shad colors. The Stroll'R gets its own color of Midnight Sun. The 2.5” Scent Wiggl’R gets the already proven Garland colors of Threadfin Shad, Blue Ice and Bluegrass.

Then, new colors shared among the Stroll'R, Minnow Mind'R and Slab Slay'R families are Green Hornet, Horsefly and Love Bug. Plus, there are two new Mo'Glo glow-in-the-dark colors – Devil's Grin and Screamer - that come in a number of the Garland series.

One thing for certain, crappie anglers already have the most colorful tackle boxes out there. Not one of them will be disappointed with the newest additions coming from this U.S. manufacturer who makes them all right there in its injection-molding facility located in Tulsa, Okla. on historic Route 66.

But the big question is, will crappie like the new colors? The answer is yes. All new colors have either come from as recommendations or been field-tested by Garland’s veteran pro staffers from all across the country. After all, Garland crappie baits are all about catching fish.