Bobby Garland 2" Swimming Minnow in Olympic form with new physique and colors

When your name is the Swimming Minnow, the moniker leaves little doubt as to what this bait is designed to do ... SWIM!

The slender, elongated 2" Swimming Minnow with its active swimming tail has been a favorite for several years now among crappie fishermen and white bass anglers in the south-central part of the country. Now, with an ever-so slight modification to the tip of its tail, this bait has taken on a whole new swimmer personality ... and we’re talking Michael Phelps-like swimming qualities.

What's new is a tiny kicker foot that has been strategically placed on the tip of the tail so that it catches water immediately with the slightest of movement and starts this bait swimming at once. The tail extends out to its full length quickly, providing a realistic baitfish swimming action and fish-enticing vibration. And the modification also means this bait can now swim impressively at even the slowest retrieve speeds. Most tiny swim lures require a quick-retrieve speed to produce tail action, but speed just isn’t necessary with this improved Swimming Minnow design.

Additionally, the 2" Swimming Minnow has several new colors joining the family in 2012, including some of Bobby Garland's hottest new fish-catchers like Monkey Milk, Vegas and Shimmer Shad.

And for the first time, the Swimming Minnow is available in several of Garland's popular glow-in-the-dark Mo'Glo colors: Pink Phantom, Outlaw Special, Sunrise and Screamer. Mo'Glo colors are bright in daylight but are super-charged with phosphorous for serious glowing in low-light conditions and at dark. Mo'Glo's two-color combinations, such as Outlaw Special's lime green and chartreuse green, glow in two different shades of color.

Bobby Garland 2" Swimming Minnows are available in a 15-count resealable bag, or in 50 and 100 count bags.