Bobby Garland announces new Baby Shad colors

Crappie bait colors run the gamut, and so do the suggestions coming into the companies that manufacture crappie baits. That's why Gene Larew Lures, the manufacturer of the popular Bobby Garland Baby Shad, decided to rely on its loyal anglers to come up with some new colors, and the names for them, to add to the crappie bait lineup for its 2013 product catalog.

Larew originally planned to select three Baby Shad winning entries by random drawing through a Facebook sweepstakes, but because of the participation and the caliber of entries, the decision was made to jump the number to five.

The five new Baby Shad colors are: tuxedo shimmer, watermelon wine, dreamsicle delight, black night, and BBQ chicken.

Tuxedo shimmer is a black over bone white laminate, with the black getting some silver –colored metal flakes in it.

Watermelon wine is a bright chartreuse with red flake over a darker chartreuse.

Dreamsicle delight is a bright orange over bone white.

Black night is solid black.

BBQ chicken has a bubblegum-colored back with black and red flake in it, over a chartreuse green belly with black and red flake.

Each of the individuals who submitted the entries will receive the first 1,000 Baby Shads of their respective colors once the baits go into production. Two of the winners have not yet claimed their winning entries.